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Caribbean, Latin American & Latino Studies

Masters of Arts in Humanities in Caribbean and Latin/o American Studies (CLAS)
A Multi-Sited Pre-Professional Program in Advanced Studies and Research

Come for a Semester

Our M.A. not in your plans but still want to come with us?

We believe that significant experience in linguistic and cultural immersion combined with rigorous study and research abroad is the key to becoming a global citizen, a well-rounded individual and a competitive job candidate. If you are an advanced undergraduate student or a MA or PhD candidate in another program or institution, we place that awesome opportunity before you. All you need to do is apply and commit and we will take care of the rest!

If you are a doctoral student with a TAship at UB you should know that your TAship will cover the cost of the semester abroad providing that you fulfill your teaching obligations in your department during the semester or summer prior to coming in our program.

In every other case, because you will be taking 12.0 credits as a UB student abroad, your Financial Aid package will cover and be applicable to the semester in Mexico or Spain. Our institutional partnerships abroad allow us to maintain costs at a very competitive level. In most cases coming abroad with our program will cost less than paying for a semester of studies and living in Buffalo. Visit our Costs page for more detailed information.

Advanced undergraduate students in all majors:

Our program invites advanced undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) in good academic standing and with two years of college-level Spanish at the 200 level and up, or its equivalency, to join us for the semester in Merida, Mexico. Because this program involves direct enrollment in classes at the Autonomous University of Yucatan, we are looking for mature and independent students and a face-to-face interview is required.

By coming with us during the spring semester you can spend three months living and studying abroad in Merida, Mexico, for a price that is unmatchable. Comparable programs elsewhere cost three times as much as we charge! You get 12.0 UB credits and have the opportunity to take the Caribbean and Latin/o American Politics graduate level class with our Masters students.

In exceptional cases, when the candidate shows an outstanding record of academic achievement as well as uncommon focus and emotional intelligence, we will consider advanced undergraduate applicants to the semester in Madrid and Seville, Spain.

Masters and doctoral students in other programs and institutions:

Masters and doctoral students in other programs at or beyond UB may also join us for one of our two semesters abroad in Mexico or in Spain. This option is particularly relevant to students in Second-Language Education, History students who want to have a hands-on experience with archival research, and graduate students of Spanish who want to bring their language skills up to the highest levels while having a precious experience of full cultural immersion. You earn 12.0 UB graduate credits per semester. An interview is required for final acceptance.

Again, if you are a doctoral student with a TAship at UB your TAship will cover the cost of the semester abroad providing that you fulfill your teaching obligation in your department during the semester or summer prior to coming in our program. For more information on this contact Prof. José Buscaglia at

Paying for study abroad

All students coming in our semesters to Mexico and Spain can use their regular Financial Aid packages to pay for all program costs related to their study abroad.

The semesters in Mexico and Spain will require payment of a study abroad program fee in addition to UB tuition. This fee covers all tuition and university fees abroad, transportation and lodging during study trips, entrance fees, invited lecturers, and program administrative expenses. The University at Buffalo does not approach study abroad as a profit generating enterprise. As such, we aim to keep program fees as low as possible. Because all charges relate to real and always shifting costs on the ground as well as to administrative expenses that may vary from year to year,  the study abroad fee is always subject to change.

For an itemized list of program costs see:

Program in Merida, Mexico undergrad/graduate costs

Program in Madrid and Seville, Spain undergrad/graduate costs

Look around and compare. You will see that what we charge for one entire semester abroad is equal to the fees assessed for one-month undergraduate study abroad programs in all other universities, including UB. Thus, our abroad semesters cost about 70-80% less than semester study abroad programs at the undergraduate level in other US universities public and private. On the whole, if you are a New York State resident who does not live at home you will find that going abroad with our program will cost just about the same, and in some cases less, than living and studying in Buffalo!

Study abroad scholarships

There are scholarships available at the local and national level for study abroad. You should look and research these actively. The more you apply for the less you get to pay.

The UB Office of International Education Scholarships also has a special scholarship fund. It provides generous funds on a competitive basis to UB students looking to participate in a University at Buffalo study abroad program. Applications are due by April 1 for fall, year and summer programs, and November 1 for spring programs. To apply online visit: UB Office of International Education Scholarships.

To apply to our semester abroad options visit:

Mexico, Program in Caribbean, Latin American and Latino Studies for undergraduate and graduate students.

Spain, Program in Caribbean, Latin American and Hispanic Studies for  graduate and exceptionally qualified undergraduate students.

You can apply to both programs right online or you may wish to stop by the Study Abroad office:

Study Abroad Programs
University at Buffalo
210 Talbert Hall
Buffalo, New York 14260-1604
Phone: 716/645-3912
Fax: 716/645-6197

For specific questions concerning academics and logistics you may also contact Program Director Prof. José Buscaglia at