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Caribbean, Latin American & Latino Studies

Masters of Arts in Humanities in Caribbean and Latin/o American Studies (CLAS)
A Multi-Sited Pre-Professional Program in Advanced Studies and Research


All students will be signing up for the program through the University at Buffalo. Therefore, costs (tuition and fees) are the same as for any other UB student at the Masters level. This is a significant savings compared to other top Caribbean and Latin American programs in Duke, NYU, Princeton, Stanford, Tulane, UCLA, the Teresa Lozano Long Institute at UT Austin, or Yale. Indeed, we give you the equivalent of an Ivy League graduate experience for the price of  tuition at a public university.

For more information on in-state and out-of-state graduate tuition go to: the Graduate Tuition page

Studying in Buffalo

University apartments and townhouses are an exciting option for our students to consider during their first and fourth semesters. The complexes offer close convenient living for today’s busy student. Unlike off-campus apartments, on-campus University at Buffalo apartments offer air-conditioning, on-site laundry, university police patrols, campus shuttles, free cable & high-speed internet, plus other benefits. Applying early is key to securing a university apartment or townhouse.

there are many options for off-campus housing but you must also act quickly to secure them.

Studying abroad

The semesters in Mexico and Spain will require payment of a study abroad program fee in addition to UB tuition. This fee covers all tuition and university fees abroad, lodging in Mexico and Spain, transportation and lodging during study trips (including round trip travel between Madrid and Seville),  welcome and end of program abroad meals (2 per semester), museum entrance fees, invited lecturers, and program administrative expenses. The University at Buffalo does not approach study abroad as a profit generating enterprise. As such, we aim to keep program fees as low as possible. Because all charges relate to real and always shifting costs on the ground as well as to administrative expenses that may vary from year to year,  the study abroad fee is always subject to change.

For an itemized list of program costs see:

Program in Merida, Mexico undergrad/graduate costs

Program in Madrid and Seville, Spain undergrad/graduate costs

Look around and compare. You will see that what we charge for one entire semester abroad is equal to the fees assessed for one-month undergraduate study abroad programs in all other universities, including UB. Thus, our abroad semesters cost about 70-80% less than semester study abroad programs at the undergraduate level in other US universities public and private. On the whole, if you are a New York State resident who does not live at home you will find that going abroad with our program will cost just about the same, and in some cases less, than living and studying in Buffalo!

Paying for the program

Higher education is an investment in your future. Having a college degree today is equivalent to having had a high school diploma one or two generations ago. If you aim to compete for the best jobs in a global economy you need to further your education beyond a college degree and need to be ready to travel. Our program is the best and most affordable way of doing and learning to do both.

Should you be considering our program as a path to a doctoral degree be clear on the fact that, if you excel in your studies, our Masters will get you noticed and will gain you entrance into the top programs nationwide. We have the track record to prove it. Getting into the best doctoral programs places you in a privileged position to access the best jobs in academia, think-tank research firms, NGO’s, government and private industry.

Financial Aid

All of our students are entitled to financial aid. This is the way that most of our graduates have paid for the two years of study.

For assistance pertaining to your Financial Aid package contact Nicole Griffo at: (Make sure to identify yourself as a Masters student in our program)


The UB Office of International Education provides scholarships to help UB students participate in a University at Buffalo study abroad program. Applications are due by April 1 for fall, year and summer programs, and November 1 for spring programs. To apply online visit the Study Abroad Scholarship page.

Many other scholarship opportunities are available at the local, state and national level. The UB Study Abroad office personnel can also help guide you in the direction of these funding opportunities. But it is up to you to do the research and legwork to apply in a timely basis. Contact the Office of Study Abroad at:

Study Abroad Programs
University at Buffalo
210 Talbert Hall
Buffalo, New York 14260-1604
Phone: 716/645-3912
Fax: 716/645-6197


There are few fellowships for study at the Master level. But if you do research you may be able to find support for the study abroad component of the program in national competitions or at the local level back home.

The University at Buffalo also has the prestigious Arturo A. Schomburg fellowship. If you are admitted into our program and you qualify we can nominate you for this competitive award. We encourage all potential students to visit the Schomburg Fellowship program web site. Should you meet all specified requirements we accept self-nominations. The earliest that the application is submitted the greater the chances of getting this fellowship. Ideally Schomburg applications should be submitted by the end of January.  Therefore we encourage all qualifying students to prepare the materials and ask for specific letters of support as they put together the application for our program.

The Graduate Student Association also offers the Mark Diamond Research Fund. Masters students can apply for a maximum of $1,500 dollars to support research expenses related to their thesis. You may use these funds towards the cost of your semester abroad in Spain. Application deadline for Fall semester is usually in February.