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Caribbean, Latin American & Latino Studies

Masters of Arts in Humanities in Caribbean and Latin/o American Studies (CLAS)
A Multi-Sited Pre-Professional Program in Advanced Studies and Research

Dalia A. Muller

Program Associate Director

Dalia Antonia Caraballo Muller, is a historian. One of her primary responsibilities as Associate Director is being in charge of recruitment and retention.


Muller was born in Boston and raised in New York City. The product of the unlikely combination of a Swiss mother and Puerto Rican father, she navigates the world as a biracial individual living at the intersection of many contexts, cultures and languages. As the child of immigrant and itinerant parents for whom the idea of “home” was ever elusive, Dr. Muller has always been fascinated with people in motion. This fascination has deeply informed her scholarly work and interests.

Academic Career

After obtaining her B.A. in History from Yale University, Muller went on to earn her M.A. and PhD in History from the University of California, Berkeley. Professor Muller began her teaching career at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where she taught for two years. Since 2009, she has held the positions of assistant professor of History at UB and Associate Director of the Masters Program in Caribbean Cultural Studies.  She is also the co-creator of the TransAmericas research working group, an interdisciplinary faculty and graduate student group which convenes to discuss, debate and present research on the Americas.

Scholarly Interests

Professor Muller’s scholarly interests center on the Caribbean/circum-Caribbean region, with a special focus on Mexico and Cuba. She has done research in Mexico, Cuba, Spain and the United States.

Muller is currently revising her dissertation manuscript, which examines the political activities of Cuban revolutionary émigrés in Mexico during the late nineteenth century. More broadly, she is interested in the experiences of various groups of travelers including exiles, refugees, revolutionaries and migrant workers, who, following established trajectories or charting their own, crisscrossed the Greater Caribbean during the long nineteenth century.

Two ongoing article projects are efforts to explore these interests further. The first examines the political thought of Manuel Marquez Sterling, a Cuban letrado whose Latin Americanism was born in the space between two patrias, Mexico and Cuba. The second follows a Cuban independence fighter’s odyssey through the circum-Caribbean in the months before the onset of the Spanish-American War. This young patriot’s route home took him to Santo Domingo, Veracruz, Key West, New Orleans and Tampa.


“Latin America and the Question of Cuban Independence,” The Americas, 68:2, October 2011: 209-239.

Review of To Die in Cuba: Suicide and Society by Louis Pérez Jr., Social History, Volume 31, Number 3, August 2006: 476-377.

 Made in Exile: Cuban Revolutionary Politics in Mexico During the Late Nineteenth-Century (book manuscript currently being revised for publication)

 Other interests

A long time martial artist, Dr. Muller enjoys training in various dojos and centers and finds martial arts a perfect way to train body and mind achieving maximum discipline, concentration and creative expression in all facets of life. Although she has had formal training in Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Taekwondo and Hapkido, her current favorite is Brazilian Jujistu.  She had the pleasure of training under the former ju-jitsu world champion John Machado at his school in Culver City for two years and plans to continue to develop proficiency in this art in years to come.

Contact information

Department of History
563 Park Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-4620
Phone: (716) 645-8414