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Caribbean, Latin American & Latino Studies

Masters of Arts in Humanities in Caribbean and Latin/o American Studies (CLAS)
A Multi-Sited Pre-Professional Program in Advanced Studies and Research

Project on “mexicanidad”

Our masters students are working hard on a project that tries to compare the official discourse on what it means to be Mexican, that is, the official national ideology of the Mexican state going back to the Revolution of 1910, with the realities down on the ground, in the streets and plazas of the cities of Campeche and Merida. What do Mexicans of all diverse social, cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds think of themselves and how does that compare to the major theses of “mexicanidad”?

In the picture, “The Origin of Man”, a heroic canvass by Yucatecan artist Castro Pacheco depicting the Mayan story that speaks of humans as being fashioned by the gods from corn.

January 23, 2014