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Caribbean, Latin American & Latino Studies

Masters of Arts in Humanities in Caribbean and Latin/o American Studies (CLAS)
A Multi-Sited Pre-Professional Program in Advanced Studies and Research

Who are we looking for?



Who are we looking for?

The experience we offer is not for everyone. Our classes are invariably made up of a select group of promising people who aim to be outstanding citizens of the global community. More specifically we are looking for…

Students who are curious and have a sense of adventure. The city and the archive are our classrooms. We want students who are open-minded, tolerant of differences and excited to explore the world of yesterday and today.

Student who are serious, independent, motivated and mature. We want student who have clear goals and a good sense of direction. These students are invariably mature, outgoing, and independent critical thinkers who can feel feel at home anywhere.

Students with proficiency in Spanish. We require two years of college-level Spanish coursework at the 200 level or its equivalent. In the past we have offered conditional acceptance to well qualified and very motivated students whose Spanish language skills were not up to our minimum required standards. In those cases, students are given the opportunity to acquire these skills over the course of the summer prior to entrance into the program and during the first semester in Buffalo.